24-7 Spyz


Park Avenue, a penthouse view
Overlooks the blues
A homeless man
Eats a meal from a trashcan
Imagine being in his shoes

24-7 Spyz, 'Got It Going On'

24-7 Spyz is a band from the South Bronx, New York, formed in 1986, originally consisting of Jimi Hazel, Rick Skatore, Kenneth D. Lucas, Kindu Phibes, and P. Fluid. The band is best known for mixing soul, funk, reggae, and R&B with heavy metal and hardcore punk. The fact that they are African Americans playing variations of heavy metal led critics to compare them to bands such as Living Colour and Bad Brains. After several lineup changes, the band broke up in 1998, but reformed in 2003 before releasing their first new album of original material in over a decade in 2006. As of November 2012, the band has been performing with the lineup of Jimi Hazel, Rick Skatore, drummer Sekou Lumumba and guitarist Ronny Drayton.