Afrika Islam


I give it up right now to the South, they have the image now, the light is on them. It's from New York, it shined from there to the West Coast, and it shined down South, and that's where it's supposed to shine right now

Afrika Islam,, 6 April 2006

Afrika Islam is an American hip hop DJ and producer. He was one of the pioneers of hip hop culture and the hip hop radio station. He began his musical career in 1977 as a ten-year-old, joining the group Rock Steady Crew. He started as an apprentice to Afrika Bambaataa, from whom he learned the art of remixing tracks. He was responsible for the events that the Zulu Nation held during the 1970s. A few years later, he moved to Los Angeles where he began working with Ice-T, for whom he produced four gold albums. Afrika Islam is also known for compositions that he wrote for the Soul Sonic Force and his own group called Funk Machine. For two years he hosted the radio program Zulu Beats. In his career as a DJ, he was famous for the art of mixing on four turntables simultaneously.