The form of house music that the world became to know definitely is from Chicago. But its roots and inspiration is definitely from New York

Kevin Hedge,, 16 April 2011

The New Jersey production team known as Blaze authored a number of deep house anthems from the 1980s and ’90s, including “If You Should Need a Friend” and “Lovelee Dae” under their own name as well as “Hideaway” by De’lacy and “My Desire” by Amira. Signed to a contract with Motown (ostensibly for their R&B/pop crossover potential) in 1989, the trio of Josh Milan, Kevin Hedge and Chris Herbert issued one solid album for the label before embarking on a career short on LPs but long on stellar productions for a variety of artists. The production wing of Blaze, namely Milan and Hedge, began as early favorites on the New York/New Jersey garage scene of the mid-’80s. The pair, both DJs and fans of Tony Humphries’ sets at the Newark club Zanzibar, began producing in 1984 and made a name for themselves two years later with a pair of garage classics, “If You Should Need a Friend” and “Whatcha Gonna Do”.