Brass Construction


In those days, I think we had a lot of influences from jazz. I loved the horns

Randy Muller, RBMA Lectures, 2007

Brass Construction was an American funk group formed in Brooklyn, New York in 1968. They were originally known as Dynamic Soul, and went on to record a string of hit singles and albums through to 1985. Their 1975 debut went platinum and contained two dancefloor anthems in “Moving” and “Changin.” They recorded for United Artists until 1980, then moved to Liberty and recorded for them until 1983. Muller became their producer in the early ’80s, and he shifted their emphasis into a heavily synthesized direction. They continued on Capitol from 1983 to 1985, but couldn’t regain their past momentum. The group’s vintage hits were remixed and reissued internationally by EMI’s Syncopate label in the late ’80s, and Brass Construction reappeared on England’s charts in 1988.