BT Express


We'll keep trying to come up with music that can be danced to, I think we are a little unique in that we naturally make our music danceable but it also has enough of a message to satisfy those who may not necessarily want to dance

Bill Risbrook,, September 1975

B.T. Express was an American funk/disco group that had a number of successful songs during the 1970s. They started in 1972 as the King Davis House Rockers, and later were called the Brooklyn Trucking Express. Their debut LP Do it (‘Til You’re Satisfied) had two number-one R&B and Top Ten pop hits in the title cut and “Express.” Subsequent LPs yielded two more R&B Top Ten singles in 1976. After 1977’s “Shout It Out,” which cracked the R&B Top 20, the group slumped with the album Shout! They were off the charts until 1980. They made a slight comeback that year with B.T. Express 1980. They later recorded for Record Shack, Earthtone, and King Davis.