Busta Rhymes


Yeah! I'm on my New York shit
Got the world followin' the New York script
Hustle with Tims and hoodies on my New York flip
Rubber band stack money with my New York click

Busta Rhymes, 'New York Shit'

Busta Rhymes, is an American rapper, producer, actor and singer from Brooklyn. Chuck D of Public Enemy gave him the moniker Busta Rhymes, after NFL wide receiver George “Buster” Rhymes. Early in his career, he was known for his wild style and fashion, and today is best known for his intricate rapping technique, which involves rapping at a fast rate with lots of internal rhyme and half rhyme, and to date has received eleven Grammy nominations for his musical work. About.com included him on its list of the 50 Greatest MCs of Our Time, while Steve Huey of Allmusic called him one of the best and most prolific rappers of the 1990s.