Cold Crush Bros


Another thing while I sing MC talk
A real MC never diss New York
Cuz if you knew the time while your rhymin' MC'n
You'd know that New York is hip hop's garden of Eden

Cold Crush Brothers, 'Throw Down'

The Cold Crush Brothers is an American hip hop group that formed in 1979 in the Bronx, New York City, New York, alongside other early hip hop acts. They were one of the first rap crews to emerge from the Bronx soon after hip-hop’s birth in the mid-’70s. Founding members Grandmaster Caz, the Almighty KG, Tony Tone, JDL, Easy AD, and DJ Charlie Chase were showmen as well as a skilled tag team of rappers. They practiced and perfected their routines for over a year beginning in 1978 and began performing live, especially at numerous “MC battles” that took place at that time.