Danny Tenaglia


There are whole new generations coming through every two, three years, and the kids grew up – you know, they started getting into trance and hip hop, the commercial stuff, and now they embrace techno, because it’s cooler and so on. But that essence is definitely there, for the old-school music as well – because, you know, New Yorkers are New Yorkers, and there’s a history

Danny Tenaglia, inthemix.com, 13 November 2013

Danny Tenaglia is a New York-based DJ and Grammy nominated record producer. He has remixed and produced several sizeable club hits but still remains most well-known for his DJ residencies at the top New York clubs of the 1990s – including Twilo (previously Sound Factory) and the Tunnel. Tenaglia productions began appearing on labels like Minimal, Sexy, Tribal and Strictly Rhythm; he really hit the mainstream with a 1993 remix of the Daou’s “Surrender Yourself,” a house epic which pioneered the harder underground sound which stormed Manhattan clubland (and therefore, most of America’s dance scene) during the mid-’90s.