David Morales


I first saw and heard a DJ at a block party in Brooklyn. Then at my junior high school prom. I remember going to someones house and they had a DJ setup and I was like wow! But I always loved music and that was the basis of it all

David Morales, cavoparadiso.gr, 30 November 2013

David Morales is an internationally acclaimed Grammy-winning American house music DJ and producer. In addition to his production and DJ work, Morales is one of the most prolific remixers of all time, transforming many pop music songs into club-friendly dance tracks. Career Record producer Morales’ work as a house music producer began in 1993, with a full 11-track album entitled The Program, released under the Phonogram Records label. “Gimme Luv (Eenie Meenie Miny Mo)” was the most successful single to be lifted from the debut LP and was a major dance hit.