Eddie Palmieri


There's always a spiritual side to all of us. But in me, it's still the rhythmical attack, form of attack, is quite percussive and, yet, becoming more and more pianistic. So, when you combine them both you come up with quite an interesting signature

Eddie Palmieri, jazzhouston.com, 5 November 2001

Eddie Palmieri is a Grammy Award winning pianist, bandleader and musician of Puerto Rican ancestry. He is the founder of the bands “La Perfecta” and “La Perfecta II”. He is one of the foremost Latin jazz pianists, blessed with a technique that fuses such ubiquitous jazz influences as the styles of Herbie Hancock, Thelonious Monk, and McCoy Tyner into a Latin context. No purist, he has also shown a welcome willingness to experiment with fusions of Latin and non-Latin music.