Funky Four + One More


Back then there wasn't too many places in the Bronx that would let hip-hoppers in their clubs. 'Cause the younger crowds were wild, and a lotta people were scared, they didn't want a lotta kids in there who didn't know how to act

Rodney C,, 30 May 1981

Funky Four Plus One More was the first hip hop group from The Bronx, New York, United States to receive a recording deal. They were notable for having a female MC, and were the first rap group to perform live on a national television broadcast. They made their debut for Sugarhill with ‘That’s The Joint’, a song arranged by jazz-funk organist Clifton ‘Jiggs’ Chase. Their performances at Bronx house parties included full-blown dance routines, a rare precursor to the vibrant live hip-hop of Stetsasonic.