Jeru the Damaja


It's the Code of the Samurai, prepare to die
Know you'll die, Brooklyn E-N-Y

Jeru the Damaja, 'East New York Stamp'

Jeru the Damaja is an American rapper born in Brooklyn. Speaking out against what he saw as a decline in rap during the mid-’90s, Jeru the Damaja came to the fore as a self-proclaimed prophet and the savior of hip hop. He has worked extensively with Guru and DJ Premier of Gang Starr, whom he has known since high school. Jeru first appeared as a guest on Gang Starr’s Daily Operation album, and his own deal with Payday/ffrr appeared soon after, resulting in 1994’s The Sun Rises in the East. Though he made few friends in the rap world – given his outspoken criticism of such popular figures as the Fugees and Sean “Puffy” Combs – he proved a vital force in the emergence of the new rap consciousness of the late ’90s.