Joey Beltram


Basically I try to use all analogue sounds, I'm not too big with the digital sounds, the realistic sounds. I do techno and if it has too real a sound to it, to me, it doesn't give me a techno feel. I like it when I use a computer, straight outta the circuitry sound

Joey Beltram, DJ Magazine, August 1991

Joey Beltram is an American DJ and record producer, best known for the pioneering recordings “Energy Flash” and “Mentasm”. Mentasm, co-produced with Mundo Muzique and released under the artist name Second Phase in 1991, became iconic within rave culture, as it was the track that gave birth to the “mentasm riff” (also known as the “Hoover sound”): a churning, dirgelike synth pattern that wormed into techno’s communal genome and has since been mutated and reused in literally thousands of records. Beltram and the “mentasm riff” are strongly associated with drum and bass, the Belgian techno scene, and the R&S record label, as well as hardcore/hard house in their various permutations since 1994. Beltram was referenced as a pioneer in the late 1990s house music scene by Daft Punk.