Johnny Dynell


In the late seventies and early eighties the yuppies were total losers in New York club-land. By the nineties they had taken it over. I never saw that one coming. However, I think that they and Mayor Giuliani get way too much credit for New York's cultural downfall. I think that they are symptoms of the decline but not the cause of it

Johnny Dynell,, 7 August 2010

Johnny Dynell is a New York City DJ, record producer, recording artist, remixer, nightclub promoter, and nightlife impresario. Dynell started his DJ career at the Mudd Club in 1980 and has been a resident DJ at influential New York City clubs for over three decades including Danceteria, The Roxy, The Limelight, Area, The Tunnel, Susanne Bartsch parties, Jackie 60, Crobar, Mr. Black, Greenhouse and Marquee. In 1990 Dynell, along with others, founded the performance club Jackie 60, a center of New York art club performance. In 1996, Dynell and Valenti took over full-time operation of the venue that housed Jackie 60, renaming the club MOTHER. The venue, designed by Dynell, also housed Click + Drag, a “cyber-fetish-gothic weekly” and New York City’s first weekly vampire themed club, Long Black Veil.