Junior Vasquez


Things are different these days and there really aren’t typical weekly residencies for a DJ of my caliber in New York. I do mostly one-off special events, parties, and club dates here in the City

Junior Vasquez, chicago.gopride.com, 23 February 2006

One of the most celebrated DJs and remixers of his time, house music innovator Junior Vasquez was also the co-founder of the legendary Sound Factory dance club. Vasquez became one of the hottest figures on the club circuit, honing a trademark fusion of bass-heavy house beats with a seemingly endless supply of obscure samples, innovative remix techniques, and quirky signatures (such as his penchant for spinning records backwards, or at the incorrect speed). He swiftly rose through the DJing ranks, and by 1989 enjoyed such renown that he co-founded the Sound Factory in Manhattan’s Chelsea district.