Kerri Chandler


Where we were in New Jersey, my dad was the local guy, the local hero. He was a DJ, in fact he still is a DJ. Most of my family are DJs, so I kinda just grew into it. Best way to describe it, it's just a family business honestly

Kerri Chandler,, 8 June 2012

Kerri ‘Kaoz’ Chandler, is an electronic music producer and DJ. He is known for his contribution to Deep House music and a warm, atmospheric, soulful and jazzy sound. Kerri’s influences can be traced back to New Jersey growing up in a family of jazz musicians. His father was a DJ and provided Kerri with a background in the origins of soul, disco and the New York Underground Sound. Aged fourteen, he began interning in studios and producing music. He is the founder of the house music labels Madhouse Records and MadTech Records. Since the signing of his first single SuperLover/Get It Off by Atlantic Records in 1991, Kerri began producing a body of work that has helped coin him one of the most respected house producers in the world.