Everywhere I go, every nation know
I'm New York dude that's not New York rude
All over the world I eat New York food
Ha, I'm at home anywhere, any place,
Right now somebody from New York in this place
Yeah, no matter where I be,
I'll always be N-Y-C

KRS-1, 'New York City'

Lawrence Krisna Parker is an American rapper from the Bronx, and is known for the political sentiment in many of his songs. He left home aged 14 to become an MC, moving to the South Bronx. It was there he became known as “Krishna” due to his interest in the Hare Krishna spirituality of the workers there. He had also begun writing graffiti under the tag KRS-One. He released his first album alongside DJ Scott La Rock under the joint guise of Boogie Down Productions. After 5 albums with Scott, he decided to go solo. 13 Albums later, “Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everyone”, is still putting out music. Despite being part of the birth of gangsta or hardcore rap, he is known now more by his “Teacha” moniker, and conveys strong political opinions in his music.