Larry Levan


Out of all the records you have, maybe five or six of them make sense together. There is actually a message in the dance. The way you feel, the muscles you use, but only certain records have that

Larry Levan,, 1983

Larry Levan was an American DJ best known for his decade-long residency at the Paradise Garage. He was one of the first DJs to incorporate drum machines and synthesisers into his productions and live sets, which helped to usher in a new, post-disco era of dance music. Along with Frankie Knuckles, Levan paved the way for the ascension of house music worldwide. His lifestyle, however, led him to become increasingly dependent on PCP and heroin. After the closure of the Paradise Garage, Levan began to sell some of his prized records for drug money. He managed to somewhat turn his fortunes around, and as the 90s dawned he was making something of a comeback. However, once he returned, he checked himself into hospital, complaining of a bad case of haemmorhoids. He died three days later of cardiac endocarditis, a fluid build up around the heart.