Le Tigre


New York has always felt like a big city but with little spaces

Timeout.com, March 2011

Le Tigre is an electroclash band founded in New York City in 1998. The band describes itself as an ‘electronic punk rock feminist band’ on its twitter page, and is known for its left-wing sociopolitical lyrics and for dealing directly with feminism and LGBT issues. The group combine visuals, music and dance in their live performances, aiding the development of the sociopolitical content of their work. The first three of the band’s recordings were released on the independent U.S label Mr. Lady Records. “This Island” (2004) was the band’s first release on a major label, after signing with Universal. However, even after their release on Universal the band continued to work with independent labels. In June 2009, the band announced they were back in the studio working with Christina Aguilera on her fourth studio album. The band’s work frequently appears in different areas of popular culture.