Life of Agony


Can you feel it
Young niggas dying in my city
Hey, it’s kind of shitty, a motherfucking pity

Life of Agony, 'Dying in my City'

Life of Agony is an alternative metal band from Brooklyn, New York City. The band was formed in 1989 by the singer Keith Caputo (now known as Mina Caputo), Alan Robert and Joey Z. After auditioning a number of different drummers, Sal Abruscato joined them to record their first album “River Runs Red”. After recording two more albums, singer Caputo left the band after stating that her heart was no longer in the musical direction that the band had taken. In 1999 the band decided to split, feeling they could not continue without Caputo. In 2003, however, the band reunited for two sell-out shows in New York. By the summer of 2012 however, the band had decided they could not continue and so split again. After over a year apart the band reformed in early 2014, and played a show in New Jersey on September 13, 2014.