Marley Marl


The day that we took that picture in front of the Lear jet I was still living in the projects. I was paying like $110 a month for my rent, free electricity. So New York City Housing Authority kind of co-produced some of my earlier hits. Thank you guys

Marley Marl,, 12 September 2013

Marlon Williams (born September 30, 1962), better known as Marley Marl, is an American DJ and record producer, who is considered one of the most important and influential producers in the history of hip hop. One of hip-hop’s first superproducers, Marley Marl was an early innovator in the art of sampling, developing new techniques that resulted in some of the sharpest beats and hooks in rap’s Golden Age. Marl’s music has had influences on RZA, DJ Premier, as well as Pete Rock, who is also a longtime friend. Marley Marl is also a legendary DJ member of the worldwide DJ organization, The Core DJ’s.