Mink DeVille


As the day starts to break
I wake up in the city
It's just one more day
But something makes this one different
I found a love in the heart of the city
I found a love where there's none to be found

Mink Deville, 'Heart of the City'

Mink DeVille (1974-86) was a rock band known for its association with early punk rock bands at the Bowery’s CBGB nightclub, and also for showcasing the music of frontman, Willy DeVille. Although Mink DeVille was one of the original house bands at CBGB between 1975 and 1977, it is said that they didn’t totally fit in with the Punk Rock and New Wave bands that CBGB is famous for. ‘Unlike Television, The Ramones, or Blondie, at heart Mink DeVille was an R&B band, and Willy an old-fashioned soul singer…’ (Mark Keresman)