NY Citizens


I grew up in Staten Island New York. My first musical influences came from my older brothers. Mostly Beatles, classic rock and Motown until one of my brothers moved back in with us after living in an apartment around the corner from CBGB's around 1979/80 and brought Clash, Police, The Jam and Sex Pistols records with him. He hated them…I loved them

marcoonthebass.blogspot.co.uk, 2 December 2009

One of the Big Apple’s most beloved ska bands, the New York Citizens, began life as Legal Gender, promptly changing their moniker in 1986 after their appearance on the seminal New York Beat compilation. A steady stream of records followed — singles, EPs, and the On the Move album — before the Citizens called it a day in 1994. The Truth About the New York Citizens arrived the following year, the perfect epitaph to the band’s glittering career.