Ornette Colman


New York is now

Ornette Coleman, 'New York Is Now'

Randolph Denard Ornette Coleman is a saxophonist and jazz musician born in Fort Worth, Texas on March 9th 1930.
As a child, Coleman attended I.M Terrell High School, where he participated in the band until he was dismissed for improvising during ‘The Washington Post.’ His music and playing were often cited as unorthodox. His approach to harmony and chord progression was far less rigid than that of bebop performers; he was increasingly interested in playing what he heard rather than fitting it into predetermined chorus-structures and harmonies. His raw, highly vocalized sound and penchant for playing ‘in the cracks’ of the scale led many musicians to regard Coleman’s playing as out-of-tune, and he would sometimes find it difficult to find like-minded musicians with whom to perform. However, he was a major innovator of the free jazz movement of the 1960s, having also invented the term ‘free jazz’ by naming his album so.