Out Hud


That was one of the great things about being in New York. Every time I went I just couldn’t believe that something like that existed. It was so amazing

dustedmagazine.com, 2002

Out Hud is an electronic band formed in 1996 in the Bay Area of California, and later based in New York City. The band consisted of guitarist Nic Offer, bassist Tyler Pope, cellist Molly Schnick, vocalist/drummer Phyllis Forbes and mixer Justin Van Der Volgen. The band released two albums, the first S.T.R.E.E.T. D.A.D., being an instrumental, and the second Let Us Never Speak Of It Again with the addition of vocals, with Forbes singing lead while a drum machine filled in her usual role. Shortly after the release of their second album it was announced that Pope would not be joining the band on tour, and that their last show would be a concert in New York, September 2005. Members Pope, Offer and Van Der Volgen are now members of the band !!!.