Reparata and the Delrons


We started with a record on Maurie called ‘Your Big Mistake’, and that's what it was... It did get airplay in Long Island - We would drive out to Long Island in Bayshore, they were playing WGLI I think, and we would sit in the car and wait for it to be played. And it was exciting even though the song wasn't great and it didn't really amount to anything, just to hear your voice on the radio at age 17 or 16

WMBR FM, 17 November 2005

Reparata and the Delrons was a girl group popular in the 1960s. Formed in 1962 at St Brendan’s Catholic School in Brooklyn, New York, they are best known for their early 1965 recordings “Whenever A Teenager Cries” and “Tommy”, for the 1968 European hit “Captain of Your Ship” and for Reparata’s 1975 solo hit “Shoes”.