Richard Hell & The Voidoids


When I started in music, "punk" wasn't being used to describe any new bands yet. The word punk as it's used these days was invented to describe the music a few other bands and I were playing at CBGB in 1974 through 1977, 29 January 2008

Richard Hell and the Voidoids were a rock band from the first wave of punk rock, fronted by Richard Hell, a former member of the Neon Boys, Television and the Heartbreakers. Formed in New York City, at various times the band included influential guitarist Robert Quine, Ivan Julian, Naux Maciel, Michael Allison, Jahn Xavier, former Contortions and Raybeats guitarist Jody Harris, Golden Palominos leader Anton Fier, and future Ramone Marc Bell. The Voidoids are considered to have pioneered the punk look and studded appearance which became commonplace around the time of the Sex Pistols. Richard Hell and the Voidoids also starred in Ulli Lommel’s 1980 film Blank Generation.