Satoshi Tomeii


House music never stops evolving and expanding its borders

Satoshi Tomiie 富家哲 (born November 22, 1966) is a New York born Japanese house music producer and DJ. Since the late 1980s he has been at the forefront of the global house music movement thanks to his popular dancefloor anthems, pop remixes, and DJ sets. A lifelong student of jazz and classical piano, Satoshi had an influential impact from his very first record. His debut single ‘Tears’, which he co-produced in 1989 with Chicago’s ‘Godfather of house’ Frankie Knuckles, was an instant club hit and is today considered one of house music’s most important moments.
In the early 1990s, he toured and played keyboard for Japanese composer Ryuichi Sakamoto (of Yellow Magic Orchestra fame). His reputation for crafting meticulous club rhythms led to him remixing some of pop’s biggest names including U2, Mariah Carey, Photek, Simply Red and David Bowie.
At the turn of the millennium in a reinvention move typical of his DJ career, Satoshi introduced a groundbreaking new club sound via 2000’s ‘Full Lick’ album. The long-player featured dark twisted electronic rhythms, haunting vocals, and hypnotic grooves that came to set the benchmark for a new developing house scene.
Another source of house music renovation, Satoshi and Hector Romero’s record label SAW Recordings has continued to refine the Chicago and New York City house blueprint over the last 10 years.