Shep Pettibone


Madonna returned to New York and we began to work on demos in my apartment. It's cool working at home, November 1991

Shep Pettibone is a record producer, remixer, songwriter and club DJ, one of the most prolific of the 1980s. His earliest work known to the public was for one of New York City’s top urban radio station, WRKS 98.7 Kiss-FM, and later as remixer/producer for the disco/dance label Salsoul Records. His prowess at production and mixing led him to work with such artists as Madonna and George Michael in the late 1980s during the height of these artists’ popularity. Together with Arthur Baker, he helped to popularize many aspects of dance and hip-hop culture, such as scratching.
Since 1998, Pettibone has owned the Paradise Nightclub and the Empress Hotel in Asbury Park, New Jersey.