Teenage Jesus & The Jerks


America has always repulsed me to some degree and that’s what I’ve always focused on. Especially in New York, people think it’s the fuckin’ center of the universe; it’s the fuckin’ asshole of the universe! You just don’t realize it. You’re a cog in the fuckin’ machine. You come here and it sucks everything out of you

Lydia Lunch, noisey.vice.com, 29 May 2013

Teenage Jesus and the Jerks were an influential no wave band, based in New York City, who formed part of the city’s no wave movement. A reaction to the popular genre new wave, no wave chose instead to rejected all things commercial. Founded by vocalist Lydia Lunch, saxophonist James Chance, bassist Reck and drummer Bradley Field, Teenage Jesus and the Jerks was active from 1976, releasing only a handful of singles. Infamous for playing ten-minute sets filled with thirty-second songs, they sought to take music beyond what Lunch saw as the traditionalism of punk rock. Featured on the seminal No New York LP, a showcase of the early no wave scene, compiled and produced by Brian Eno, the group left behind little more than a dozen complete recorded songs. Most of the surviving titles were collected on the eighteen-minute career retrospective compilation Everything, released in 1995 through Atavistic Records. However, other studio versions of several songs exist, alongside a few live recordings. The group disbanded at the end of 1979.