Wolf + Lamb


We had seen what New York in all its glory can look like. We weren't trying to recreate it or anything, but maybe deep down that was fueling us, like we knew what was possible

thump.vice.com, 10 September 2013

Wolf + Lamb are a DJ duo consisting of Zev Le Wolfe & Gadi Mizrahi and formed in 2004, New York City. Both members of Wolf + Lamb were born and raised in the neighbourhood of Flatbush, Brooklyn. The duo has founded three record labels, including Wolf + Lamb Records, Wolf + Lamb Black, and Double Standards Records. In 2005 they reworked an old machine shop on Marcy Avenue, New York, into a dance party venue dubbed the “Marcy Hotel”. In 2013, Wolf + Lamb joined various other artists in forming the collective Crew Love, which is both a publishing group and travelling dance party based mainly in Brooklyn and upstate New York.